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“ I love working with John.
Lots of ideas, creativity and talent! "

Eamonn Matthews. Managing Director. Quicksilver Media.

“ John is a highly imaginative editor who can take the most unpromising material and turn it into visual magic. He is particularly good at rendering undercover footage into clear, watchable narrative. And, most important of all, he brings a director’s eye to the cutting room ”

David Henshaw. Managing Director.
Hardcash Productions.

" John is a truly remarkable and dedicated editor. He has a brilliant sense of story and structure and can really make characters sing. He's incredibly fast, focused and thoughtful, great with music and is terrific fun to work with "

Carrie Britton. Series Producer - Who do you think you are?
Wall to Wall Television.BBC

“... relentless energy, creative flair and professional beyond the call of duty; that's John in a nutshell. Oh, and did I mention he's also great fun to have around in the edit suite? "

Fred Casella. Producer of Jessica the Hippo.
Animal Planet

" I've worked with John on a wide variety of documentaries over the years, and every time I've enjoyed the experience hugely. He's happy if you leave him to get on with the film, but he's also a true collaborator. An immensely creative editor who shows great flair and imagination, as well as impressive technical mastery."

Christopher Mitchell. Executive Producer.

“ I have worked with John Moratiel as an editor for the majority of Channel 4’s Emmy-nominated Cult of the Suicide Bomber series. And then continued to work with John on the history of the Car Bomb – another prestigious high-end specialist factual for C4.

I cannot recommend John highly enough for his indomitable editing skills, his dedication to the film, the quickness of his editorial eye and awesome capacity to work. And I plan in the future to always work with John as my editor ”

Kevin Toolis. Managing Director.
Many Rivers Films.

" John Moratiel is a fantastic editor: exceptionally hard-working, versatile, thoughtful and creative, with an excellent sense of story and structure, very supportive in the cutting room and a genuine pleasure to work with "

Andrew Smith. Fleeting Year Films